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Help us grow & live for years to come.

🤔 Why donate?

Donating is entirely optional, but here at MangoMini, we depend on the generosity of you. All donations received go directly into keeping MangoMini alive and bug free. Your money helps pay for the server, our website, this store, and maintaining plugins. A great starting point would be our Ranks, which bundle many perks into a singular purchase! 

💡 Keeping the Lights On.

For MangoMini to continue running as is, we would have to receive donations each month. And we don't want to remain the same! With new modes like Skyblock, Minigames, PVP and so many other game-modes out there, we would love to evolve and add more to our humble server. Updating for Minecraft versions is already hard enough, and your support could help us continue to evolve, update and most importantly grow!

📰 Extra! Extra! It's just Ad's?

Other than word of mouth, we rely on paid advertisements on minecraft websites to spread the word. At the moment, we are unable to afford any top tier advertising spots on any website, and getting enough donations to purchase a high enough slot on a website would be our dream. If we can earn enough each month with extra to spare, we would be able to afford spreading the word about MangoMini on a handful of Minecraft websites. These ads would help us to have players on more often!

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